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Beautiful Dumbcane (Diffenbachia) plant with silver highlights illuminating the leaves and adding a touch of glamour to the green.  This is part of a small botanical series that gives the viewer the perspective of looking down upon a plant and seeing the overlapping layers of leaves.  It represents the connection of our humanity to nature, and the beauty of watching things grow.  The growth of the plants is symbolic of the growth we experience in our own lives.  

This is an original 18"x24" acrylic J.C.Pierstorff painting on 2 " deep canvas and wired, ready to hang and beautify your home!!


Ten percent of the net proceeds is going to programs such as RIP Medical debt, which is aimed at decreasing and erasing medical debt for those that need it most.  In a time where health care is essential but not affordable, this program helps provide relief for those that cannot afford the extreme cost of sometimes simple services.


Shipping Included!!

The Silver Lining That Comes From Dirt

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