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Jennifer C. Pierstorff

Jennifer C. Pierstorff - Artist

Jennifer C. Pierstorff creates a variety of colorful and moving art focused on bringing awareness to the need to protect the natural world.  Her paintings, drawings and collages incorporate sea life, including turtles, sea horses and many of the residents of earth (animals, birds, all living creatures).  She also showcases her love of plants in detail with breathtaking flowers.  Jennifer has been showing art all over Massachusetts, Vermont, North and South Carolina and Tennessee area for over twenty years as an established artist.  

Jennifer moved to Charlotte, NC with her husband in 2013 and was able to have multiple opportunities for gallery exhibits (both solo and group) as well as displaying in multiple stores. Her dedication to her art continued to grow as she worked with the booming art scene in the area.  She moved to Clarksville, TN in July of 2019 and has steadily been creating a large collection of works.  Her most popular and sought after are the turtles and dazzling dahlias.  She does do commission work of pets, animals, sea life, plants and medical abstract (depending on client specifications and needs) and teaches private art lessons.


Jennifer started to focus on art for healing purposes after a car accident changed her life while attending University of Massachusetts. After years of suffering through multiple medical issues, a broken back and becoming “disabled” at 25 years young, she changed her life direction from studying to become a doctor to becoming an artist.  Many of her projects have focused on dealing with medical issues by seeing the beauty of our internal systems as art, and then pairing them with more traditionally beautiful objects such as flowers.  


After the car accident, while recovering from major eye surgery, Jennifer took a break from the University of Massachusetts to live on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The beauty of the Hawaiian landscape and flowers helped in her healing process and provided constant inspiration.  She has tried to bring the healing power of a single flower to others in her unique way of drawing and painting.  The endless bounty of beauty on the Big Island continues to be a theme in her work, even 18 years later.

Jennifer moved to Vermont in 2003.  While living there, she completed her Studio Art degree at University of Vermont. Her favorite mediums include acrylic, watercolor, pen & ink, collage, and some crafts such as jewelry design, cards and magnets of her original art.   Even though her health continues to be a daily struggle, she focuses on using the pain as fuel and shows up to create every day.  Art has saved her life in many ways, giving her a sense of purpose despite the circumstances that are thrown her way.  Art creates a safe space to play, meditate and just enjoy the process of creating. The troubles of the world can fall away when a state of flow is entered.  That flow is essential to healing and is why she shows up every day, regardless of pain, to create.  


Jennifer's belief:

 "Art is Life"

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