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This original collage piece is created using items that are normally thrown in the trash on an upcycled canvas. I started with medical trash, such as pharmaceutical inserts, birth control packages, and plastic packaging from things I accumulated (nothing hazardous, of course).  Then, I added kitchen trash as in this piece such as vegetable bags, candy wrappers and coffee wrappers.  I aimed at pushing creative boundaries, minimizing my carbon footprint and showing that with a little creativity things normally thrown away can be turned into something beautiful.  The painting is done with acrylic, then the flowers are defined using cadbury mini egg wrappers and zofran pop out packages.  

This is a 21" x 21" original J.C.Pierstorff collage, that is wired and ready to hang.  


The purchase of this painting helps support nonprofits aimed at reducing Medical Debt, RIP Medical Debt.  Ten percent of the net proceeds is donated to a non profit.


Shipping Included.

Purple Cadbury Zofran Flowers Field

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